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Fresh. Trendy. LENNOX – The Pub.
With heart. With style. With you! 

LENNOX is more than an extraordinary location.
It is an ambitious project – and a promise.
It is a promise for the calm moments as well as for splendid party nights.
And always, and this is essential, with style.
This is your place if you set value on an elegant ambiance on your vacations.

It is the staff of LENNOX that guarantees quality.
Leading the Team: Mike Bauer, with more than 25 years of experience.
After a quarter century successfully anticipating his client´s “every wish, he knows what’s important:
TOP service, TOP products and TOP staff.
The “Holy Trinity” of premium service.


Therefore at LENNOX we wish to recruit the best of the best, an international and well-educated team.
Cool and young “Baristas from all over the world as well as tourism school students are more then welcome.

Check out our LENNOX - locations:

lennox_palma3Visit LENNOX in
Palma de Mallorca (La Lonja)

lennox_bcn_borne_portada_2015Visit LENNOX in
Barcelona (Borne)

lennox_bcn_gotico_portada_2015Visit LENNOX in
Barcelona (Gótico)