Speaking of LENNOX. An exciting name as we think.
Catchy. Melodic. Sexy.
With lots of mysticism and history.
It is the Name of a Scottish clan. Like the Highlander.
There can only be one.
And “nox, the Latin word for “night. Unique nights.
Who doesn’t want to “Rock n´Roll? We do, from our heart and with you.

That’s why we re-built classic and fine quality LENNOX Pubs in the historical centers of Barcelona
and Palma de Mallorca.
A meeting point for Locals, Ex-Pats and people from around the world.
Throughout the year – open every day & night.

Bar. Pub. Lounge. Call it as you wish.
A place for cool ambiance, music and sport broadcasts.

Welcome to LENNOX – the Pub.

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Palma de Mallorca (La Lonja)

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Barcelona (Borne)

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Barcelona (Gótico)